Private Tents

During our Hajj 2019 experience you will be based at the European section of Mina, which is a plain within the bounds of the sanctuary of Makkah. Our advanced tents are around 1.8 miles (3km) away from the Jamarats.


  • Air conditioned tents;
  • Sofa-bed, pillows, blanket, and bed sheet provided
  • Breakfast, dinner, and lunch is provided
  • Individually controlled air-conditioning and lighting
  • Access to power points within the advanced tents
  • And much more


On the 9th Dhu al-Hijjah everyone will spend the majority of the day at Arafah, which is an open plain south-east of Makkah. Our advance upgraded tents option, inclusive with our Hajj 2019 experience, will see you perform your worship (on this great day) inside an open air-cooled tent within the European section of Arafah. Lunch will be served, with fruits and cold drinks available throughout the day.


The night of the 10th Dhu al-Hijjah is the only time you will not take rest within Mina. Instead you will spend the night at Muzdalifah, which is an open plain near Makkah. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj does not provide any tents in Muzdalifah. This means everyone performing Hajj will need to sleep on the floor!


The advance upgraded tents option is inclusive with our Hajj 2019 experience, offering some of the best amenities available within the European section of Mina.